My Belief

I always had a desire to go against the grain. I believe I always will.

Hi. My name is Shoshi Barbi. I’ve lived in my own creative bubble all my life. As a sensitive and creative kid, this bubble has always protected me.

When I grew up the bubble got bigger, and I started sharing it with other people. More people heard about it and wanted to come in. And so the bubble got bigger, and I got bigger with it.

Inside our bubble we are who we really are — happy and laughing. Everything is shiny and full of light and fun just like when we were kids.

I found that this was my purpose in life, and this is my way to make people happy.

Welcome to our bubble! Where everything is possible and all of your dreams come true. Where you can be who you want to be.

Welcome to Plastic Jus!

If there is something I learned over the years is that love always conquers. As cliché as it sounds (I like clichés), it’s true. It conquers the fear, the pain, and the uncertainty.

Every piece I create, is born with great love, and it is passed on to people who go on to wear it in the most empowered way.

I believe that everything we do is energy. And when you find that unique energy of yours, your diamond, your role is to pass it on in a way that helps the people around you and bring light and happiness into their lives.

Every design comes from my heart to yours.

Designed for celebration

Our Designs are timeless, filled with love, glam, sparkles and personal agenda. Our shirts have become collectible items. Items you take to all of your adventures, festivals, and raves, around the world. From Coachella in California, EDC in Las Vegas and Tomorrowland in Belgium, to the small intimate club around the block in your neighborhood. 

We celebrate proudly the difference, the alternative, the weird, and the uniqueness of each of us.

We want to make people happy, full of confidence, and allow them moments of fun escapism.

Be proud of who you are all the time!

Origin of clothing

I believe that who you are is what you wear, and big part of our self-exploration is fashion.

A strong way to express our agenda and our way of life is through the clothes we wear. Humans have been doing it for over 10,000 years (The earliest archeological evidence of fabric clothing dates back between 11,700 and 10,500 years ago!).

The Plastic Jus community

In the heart of every community lies a tapestry woven with threads of cultural identity. Our community is a part of our creation, set of beliefs, and way of life. The beauty of clothing as a cultural expression is its ability to transcend borders. In an interconnected world, fashion becomes a bridge, allowing us to appreciate and celebrate diversity.

Be who you are, cherish and celebrate your uniqueness, and express it as much as you can. Celebrate your inner child!


Plastic Jus is a Tel Aviv based urban brand for kids & adults. The brand is inspired by fantasy, music icons, candies, rock, pop, dreams, and our personal view of city life. 

Every piece is made from 100% organic cotton (the softest fabric!), and made from high-end products (because you’re high-end too!).

Our life is a maelstrom of opposites and other-worldly combinations – rough street rock meets pop-glam kitsch. The result? An edgy, sophisticated personality full of humor and style. We adore our clients and understand it’s people like you who make our unique POV happen.