Look around…

We’re at the intersection where a glittery unicorn crosses a rainbow, a guitar-playing bunny strums power cords, and a cat whispers secrets to the stars.

We’re in Plastic Jus.

Call it a black-light electric moment or even the “big bang” – lightning struck us in the spring of 2013 shortly after the birth of our baby girl (our baby muse). A caressing breeze drifted through the window as our newborn baby lay, dreaming sweetly in her cradle.

We saw sparklers, the magic of life gave us goosebumps and we said,

“Let’s do it, let’s design The Future!”

The future is now our Present, and yours. We live in a land where unicorns freefall down rainbows, bunnies play rock ‘n roll, and cats are made of stardust.

We invite you to join us in our Present, too!

Plastic Jus is Tel Aviv based brand for babies, kids, & adults. The brand is inspired by fantasy, music icons, candies, rock, pop, dreams, and our personal view of life. Of course, everything is 100% organic cotton – the softest stuff – and made from high-end products (because you’re high-end, too!).

The mastermind behind the brand is designer, Shoshi Barbi. “Brand” is a word that’s overused and lacks meaning these days – for us, Plastic Jus is so much more than a clothing brand – it’s an attitude, a way of life.

Our life is a maelstrom of opposites and other-worldly combinations – rough, street rock meets pop-glam kitsch. The result? An edgy, sophisticated personality full of humor and style – we adore our clients and understand it’s people like you who make our unique POV happen. Who wears our designs? The cool kids (and cool babies) who have their own style and don’t just “go with the flow…”